Brand Identity & Application Design

Xooper is a daily and occasional-use product-sharing platform for people to come together and rent or sell items of interest. Our work for Xooper was fairly simple—and complex. We had to improve on the company's existing logo and design the entire Xooper web/mobile application. This was to be a combination of branding at its very best and research-based UI/UX work.

Inspired by the "infinite" possibilities of Xooper's business model, the company's then current brandmark was an imposing infinity symbol, which we toned down into a more simple and friendly loop. The typeface we chose for the brand facelift was a rock solid sans serif to signify stability and trust.

The design of the app was approached in a principled and structured manner, where we paid attention to the smallest of details without missing out on the big picture. For Xooper, we ensured we had a lot going on: brainstorming sessions, research, journey maps, competitor analysis, prototyping, usability testing, accessibility evaluation, reducing cognitive load, defining features and components, etc. Long story short, we left no stone unturned and churned out a world-class finished product in record time.

An effusive yet evolved colour palette inspired by visual experiences from across India, gives MAP its unique flavour.

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