Brand Identity + Website UI/UX Design

"For the healthcare industry, we facilitate smart financial management in a transparent and client-centric manner. We accomplish this by automating management processes and building software that adapts and standardizes management tasks across all billing platforms."

A meaty statement we came up with to capture the essence of Think Founders - a healthcare financial services company. This acted as the brand's bedrock and drove us to "Discover Sincere"—the big idea we arrived at for Think Founders. Given that the healthcare industry is not always associated with transparency, Think Founders was change in the form of technology that built trust. Keeping all of this in mind, we did up the company's brand communication, added our signature touches to its visual identity and designed the website as well.

Starting from "Discover Sincere" everything was meant to be simple and clean. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too elaborate. At the finish line of everything we did for Think Founders, we realized that we had solved a real problem—the problem of complexity.

If it's working out for you, you're probably out working.