Superbloom Studios

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity has to be skilfully built from the busyness of the brief and then stitched together perfectly. It's like how a fashion designer takes fabric, works on it, and disrupts an entire industry. For Superbloom, we wanted to sail on such waters, where the idea was to have a look that could be open to interpretation and yet precisely positioned.

Inspired by the name of the company i.e., Superbloom Studios, we thought of what a literal "super bloom" would look like and then art just instantly got its direction. Being a business that dealt with leadership and inclusivity programs aided by AI, Superbloom needed a brandmark that was smart and sophisticated without coming anywhere close to resembling a bouquet or a garden of flowers.

A couple of internal workshops later, pens and pencils met paper and then paper met the screen to eventually have a look that matched the intensity of the brief. A structured and symmetrical floral burst paired with an understated typeface was the fruit of our labor. Everything was just the way the client liked it to be: thoughtful, functional, and inviting - just like Superbloom's vision.

If it's working out for you, you're probably out working.