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Our Motto:
Today's output must be better than yesterday's.

Let’s start with a cliche.
The world changes every day.

This is especially true for design and media. Each day, newer, better tools and platforms appear in the market. Methodologies and concepts mutate in order to adapt to these changes. Seen in this context, businesses are always in search of a creative partner – an agency that can keep abreast of happenings and unfailingly deliver the goods. As far as we are concerned, this is the easy part. It’s not really difficult to keep track of changes. Nor is it difficult to satisfy typical quality benchmarks. The difficult part is infusing freshness into the soul of a creative piece of work. That requires free thinkers. Over the years, we at Unplugged have formed a team of such free thinkers.

Simply put, Unplugged comprises a bunch of artists, illustrators, graphic designers, software developers, social media experts and usability experts.

We started off as a garage operation back in 2006. Since then, we have abided by one stringent rule: today’s output must be better than yesterday’s. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The rest of the business model took care of itself. We now cater to an A-list clientele that is an assortment of some of the biggest businesses as well as the most exciting startups of Bangalore. Our journey has taken us into domains as diverse as real-estate, software services, healthcare, education, FMCG, entertainment, finance, eBusiness etc.

And what have we learnt? Every business aches for ideas that originate in a world that’s Unplugged. Welcome to this sacred space.


If you're doing something, do it really well.


Put something original into the world.


Be understanding.
It helps everything.


Meaningful work is about detail.


Take small steps to bring an idea to life.

Team Unplugged

Karthik Kannan
Jaysal J
Anand Kumar
Meenakshi Palkar
Shantanu Kulkarni
Priyanka Dubey
Sandesh Jain
Roshini Upasana